5 Really Awkward Situations

Just to mix up my blog a little I’m thinking of doing a post like this weekly. If you haven’t read the first post of this “series” then you should go check it out 😉

So in these posts I’m going to make a list of 5 things in a certain category and share them with you. Enjoy 😀

Bring on the awkward…


670px-Ring-a-Doorbell-Step-4#1: That awkward moment when…

…someone else drops you off at your house (like a family friend) and they wait until you go inside, but your parents/grandparents are sleeping inside the house so you just stand there awkwardly ringing the doorbell and knocking until someone finally wakes up and opens the door, while the person is watching and waiting for you to get into your house. Just not a good experience, like at all… It’s also super awkward in the car while they’re driving you too since you don’t really know them that well, so they ask you 1 question and then there’s this really long silence until they ask you another question.

2480b2ae302ee817cd11e80627952823#2: That awkward moment when…

…you accidentally call your teacher mom. This has happened to me too many times to count. There’s two ways that this can happen and both of them are exceedingly awkward. You can either: A- straight out call your teacher mom and then awkwardly sit in your chair while all the other kids (and teacher…) laugh at you or B- almost call your teacher mom and then try to make it seem smooth so it just comes out something like, ” I need help on this problem mo-Mrs.Banana” Then again it would be really awkward to have a teacher named Mrs.Banana. Imagine if she came into the classroom full of like third graders and said, “On Friday all of you will get to meet Mr.Banana! Isn’t that so exciting!”, and one of the kids saying, “My daddy told me that only boys had those…” awkward…

mid-sneeze-love-mom#3: That awkward moment when…

…you think you’re going to sneeze, but you don’t. This always seems to make me look like a psychopath since I usually am rocking my head back and forth like some rock star, inhaling and exhaling really loudly, but hey it’s not my fault, its the stupid sneeze’s for not coming out after it has warned me of its arrival. That’s basically like RSVPing but then not showing up. Sneezes are such douches sometimes…

051863ead31e8e86670cb0b19e81e5e656a30-wm#4: That awkward moment when…

…people you don’t know come over to your house and you’re forced to socialize with them and they say things like, “I remember when you were just a little baby” or, “You’ve grown so much, do you still remember me?”. Um, the last time I checked I couldn’t even remember what I ate for breakfast today so how the heck am I supposed to remember you when the last time I saw you was like 13 years ago?

MediaHandler#5: That awkward moment when…

…people remember you’re name, but you don’t remember theirs so whenever they say, “Hi *insert name here*” you just have to awkwardly say “Hi…” back with no name at the end. *sigh* The awkwardness level is over 9000!!!!! Kind of ties in with #4 does’t it? Awe, their awkward cousins ;D

So thats all for this weeks “5 things”. Go ahead and rant in the comments about awkward situations that you have been in! Have a great day!


Bookshelf Tour: Favorites Shelf Part 2


Part 1: Bookshelf Tour: Favorites Shelf Part 1

This is part 2 to the Favorites shelf tour. In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite books with you. If you missed part one then go ahead and click that link above to find more books that you might enjoy. Unfortunately there are loads of amazing books that I have read that I do not own, so you might not see all of my favorites. ;( With each book I will include the author, a short synopsis, and a picture of the cover. After reading feel free to comment some of your favorite books in the comments down below. Enjoy all the scrolling down!

Inner Layer:



The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

Genres: Science Fiction/Dystopian

You all knew it was coming. 😉 Though most of you have probably heard of the plot and/or have read the series I’ll still include a synopsis for consistency. In the future where North America used to be, the Capitol of Panem keeps its hold on its 12 districts by yearly forcing them each to select 1 boy and 1 girl, called Tributes, to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. All other citizens must watch as the youths fight to the death until only one remains. District 12’s tribute Katniss Everdeen doesn’t have too much going for her, other than her hunting skills and sharp instincts, in an arena where she must weigh survival against love. Dun Dun Dun… This series involves lots of action and surprises along the way. Only thing I disliked were the frequent deaths, but hey, what do you expect from a book about a fight to the death between kids…


Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

Genres: Fantasy/Mythology/Adventure

This is the series that really got me to love reading. Though it might not be a young-adult book, it’s still super interesting and even educational (Killing two birds with one stone 🙂 ) Percy Jackson is not a normal kid. After being kicked out of multiple schools before even entering middle school, he is so excited after sixth grade ends and summer begins. But that excitement doesn’t last long, as he soon learns that he is a half-blood: half-human, and half-god. He is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York, a camp for other kids just like him that is safe from monsters that he never knew existed. While at camp, Percy learns more about himself: his father is the Greek god Poseidon, the god of the Sea and brother to Zeus and Hades. When Zeus’s master bolt is stolen, Poseidon is blamed for the theft, and since Poseidon is busy with other godly things he sends Percy on a quest to retrieve Zeus’s master bolt. Will Percy retrieve the bolt in time or will he have to face the wrath of the angry Zeus? Find out by reading this book 😀


The Heroes Of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

Genres: Fantasy/Mythology/Adventure

As you can tell, I might have a slight (BIG) obsession over Rick Riordan. 😉 This is the follow-up series to the Percy Jackson series also by Rick Riordan, though it does not necessarily have to be read after. Since I don’t want to spoil anything from the original Percy Jackson series I’ll just provide my thoughts on the book rather than a summary. First of all, be warned that this book has lots of plot so just get ready to be slightly confused at first. The increased plot actually pays off throughout the novel as you slowly start to piece things together. My feelings about the characters changed a lot through the series for some of the characters (*cough* Leo *cough*). I have to admit, I did not like all of the characters right away, or ever (*cough* Jason *cough*), but that happens in all series. The relationship development for all the characters was amazing and overall an action-packed series.


Gone series by Michael Grant

Genres: Science Fiction/Supernatural Fiction/Dystopian

Click this for my review on this book. 😀


Song of The Lioness series by Tamora Pierce
Genres: Fantasy

The cover might be super ugly, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts right? This is probably my all-time favorite series. Which is a lot to say considering all the books I’ve read. This is one of those Mulan stories. Alanna lives in a world where only boys can become knight, while women only heal and cook. But she knows what she wants, and that’s to be a knight. On the day that the kids are to leave for their education for their career Alanna switches with her brother Alan and goes to train as a knight, but she soon realizes that it’s going to be harder than she thought to hide her deep dark secret. Can Alanna follow her dreams while still undercover as a boy or will her inner-girl take over and ruin it all. Find out in this awesome series. Seriously read it… or else

That’s all for this post. Share your thoughts about these books or some of your favorite books in the comment section below. Have a great day! 🙂

Book Review: The Young Elites

theyoungelitesThe Young Elites by Marie Lu



4.5/5 Stars

Background Info:

“I am Adelina Amouteru. I belong to no one. On this night I swear to you that I will rise above everything you’ve ever taught me. I will become a force that this world has never known. I will come into such power that none will dare hurt me again.

When a deadly illness called the blood fever swept through the nation thousands died. None of the survivors were adults, and the few kids that did survive were left with markings to forever remind them of the horrific event. Adelina Amouteru is one of those survivors. Her once raven-black hair is now as pale as the moon, and a rough scar now stays where her left eye once was. Her father is cruel to her, as all those who survived the blood fever with markings are considered malfettos, which brings down the family’s good name and fortune. But markings and death aren’t the only things that the blood fever left behind, as it is believed that some survivors are said to possess mysterious gifts and powers. Nobody knows exactly who these kids are, but they have built quite a reputation for themselves and the people have made a name for them. The Young Elites.

Teren Santoro is not the man that everyone thinks he is. His job as the Lead Inquisitor is to find and destroy all malfettos, before they destroy the entire nation.  Easier said than done, especially when those who you are hunting down have powers beyond explanation.

If not for Enzo Valenciano, Teren would’ve succeeded in killing many more malfettos. Enzo is a member of the Dagger Society, a secret sect of Young Elites that search and save others like them. But what he finds isn’t at all what he was expecting.

What will happen when their paths all collide? Find out in The Young Elites. 😀

Thoughts on Book:

Ah, the good ol’ Marie Lu, author of the well-known Legend trilogy. She never ceases to amaze me. While this book was extremely different from her previous books, it was still a great book. Her writing style is so unique and the direction that the plot went in surprised me very much, which is something that I love about Marie Lu. One of the reasons I, and many others, have loved this book and even the Legend trilogy is how unpredictable they are. You never know what’s going to happen next. Her ability to write fight scenes is also something I like about her. Especially during the end of the book I loved reading the fast-paced action scenes. It was also nice how she didn’t focus on romance too much (there was still enough for my liking), which gave more time to focus on the main plot. There were, however, two things that hindered me from giving it 5 stars:

#1– The world building was not the best during the first half of the novel. When I read a book I want to feel like I am there. I want to be able to visualize the characters and their surroundings, and unfortunately that didn’t happen while I read the first half of this book.

#2 I was a little confused at some parts, as Marie Lu switched from first to third person quite often during the book. It wasn’t a big enough problem to change my thoughts that much, but it did take me a while to get used to, as well as lots of re-reading to make sure that I fully understood what was happening.

Thoughts on Characters:

The characters in this book were so unique that it really improved the book as a whole. Adelina’s story and personality was so captivating as you never knew what she was going to do. She could be smiling one second and then suddenly turn into godzilla or something like that. I loved the fact that she had so much darkness and hatred inside of her from her early life (especially towards her father) and she really used that to her advantage. It was interesting to see her try to figure out who she really was inside and who she strived to be. Thinking about it now, there are lots of differences between Enzo and Adelina. Enzo acts tough but on the inside he is still healing from the loss of Daphne, while Adelina is very strong on the inside, but it is hard for her to let it out at first. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender after reading about Enzo. They’re personalities are so similar as well. That ending was just brutal and I still can’t believe that Marie Lu would do that. (WHYYYYYYY) As for my favorite character, I would be split between Enzo and Raffaele. Though Enzo’s teaching methods were not very… safe, it was so nice to see the wall that he built around his heart break down a little everytime he was with Adelina, and Raffaele was just so sweet and so strong for learning how to accept his life and who he was. There were some characters that I really disliked though. The main two being Violetta and Adelina’s father. Adelina’s father was so cruel and disgusting that I was leaping in joy when he got what he deserved (This no spoiler thing is really hard ughhhhh). The way he tricked and baited Adelina was just not okay, but don’t get me started on Violetta. I didn’t like her from the beginning, but my spite for her seemed to increase throughout the novel. Let’s just say she might have some secrets of her own. Overall the characters really made this book a great one, and in all of the YA books that I’ve read I’ve never read about a protagonist or side characters like these ones.

Related Books:

I have never read it, but many people say it is very similar to The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t cry. You are stronger than that.”

Final Remarks:

A book that has too many twists and turns to count, and characters that have more to them than what meets the eye. A very good fantasy book for those action-lovers out there!

5 Things That Really Annoy Me

So this morning was great. I got up on time, made my bed, brushed my teeth, you know the usual. That’s when it happened. I go downstairs to eat breakfast, pour myself a bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats WOoO), and go to the fridge to pour some milk into the bowl as well. Just one problem, turns out we were out of milk. I was slightly annoyed, but hey, I had other options. I looked into the basket that we keep our fruits in and find just what I was looking for, a nice peach. I reach in to grab it, thinking to myself, “Wow, this might not be a bad morning after all…”. Boy was I wrong. I noticed right when my hand came in contact with the peach. It was mushy. So in the end I just ended up eating cereal with no milk, but that’s enough of my life story, its time to get on with this blog post inspired by this mornings events. (And also go rant in the comments about things that annoy you after reading this 🙂 )

 Bring on the annoying…
Frustration from AnimateIt.net

tumblr_n6jsfmKmqz1tvy76eo1_500#1: When you’re trying to go to sleep because you’re super tired, but it’s too hot so you sleep on top of your blanket and then it gets too cold so you go under you’re blanket and yeah, endless cycle.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that this happens to. Literally the worst thing ever. I get super tired and go to bed to get some rest and this happens. Whyyyyyyy?

How-to-Remove-Stickers-from-Glass-3#2: When you try to take the label off of something, but it wont come off or it leaves sticky stuff behind.

Okay, before you say it, I know there’s another way to take labels off other than peeling them off, but honestly who wants to do that. Why would you waste so much time soaking it in water or whatever just to get a label off. These label companies really need to stop making their labels to sticky, I mean seriously they’re stickier than those little sticky hands that we all used to play with. And on top of that you have to keep in mind the damage that trying to take these labels off does to your nails, so just very annoying altogether.

Untitled#3: The frilly things on the end of torn out notebook paper

You all know what I’m talking about. You know, when you rip out a piece of paper from your notebook and there’s that frilly  thing on the side that you tore it out. Why does it never just tear on the dashed line like its supposed to. The worst part is after you rip it out you have to rip each little frill off individually so that the side is flat. I’m so glad we don’t have school for one more month because If I saw another one of these in class I was about ready to kill someone, and by someone I mean my notebook Jeff…

600#4: Trying to find the end of a tape roll

R.I.P all the fingernails that I killed trying to do this. Guys..I think I’m… I’m a fingernail killer :0. Ok seriously though, look at the results of a study done by a university in Indiana:

A new study  by researchers at Indiana University revealed that U.S. citizens waste approximately 2 million hours annually trying to figure out where a roll of tape starts. “According to our data, thousands of hours are squandered each day by Americans running their fingers along the outside of a roll of tape until they stumble upon the frayed edge where the tape begins,” said the study’s co-author Bethany Cohen, who noted that the amount of time Americans fritter away bringing the roll of tape up close to their face and slowly tracing their fingertips around its perimeter accounts for nearly $15 billion annually in lost productivity.


tumblr_ndkuarSqky1rrmw06o1_1280#5: When Closed Captioning is not synchronized with the show/movie/whatever you’re watching

This is seriously not okay. This could happen one of two ways:

#1- The timing of the closed captioning is off so the captions come like 10 seconds after it is said in the movie


#2- When the closed captioning makes no sense whatsoever and has nothing to do with what you are watching.

I put closed captioning on to read if I can’t understand what the people are saying, but I can’t do that if the captions come 10 whole seconds before or are a jumble of random words with no connection tot what I’m watching. *sigh*

So, I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to mix it up a little so here you have it. Feel free to rant in the comments about things that really get on your nerves.

Book Review: From A Distant Star

24036086From a Distant Star  by Karen McQuestion

Science Fiction

4/5 Stars

Background Info:

“Sometimes love needs help from a distant star”

It has been a year since Lucas Walker was diagnosed with cancer, and during that time almost everyone has lost hope. His doctors, his friends, and even his parents are prepared for the worst. Everyone except his girlfriend Emma. She stays overnight for days by his side, talking to his unresponsive body. So when Lucas miraculously wakes up one day after months in a coma, Emma has to resist the urge to tell everyone, “I told you so!”. But Emma soon learns that this Lucas is not the Lucas that she is in love with. When Emma finds a strange object on the Walkers property the same day as Lucas’ recovery she begins to put the pieces together, but getting her Lucas back might be harder then she thought.

My Thoughts:

Okay, I have to be honest, I had never heard of this book before, but it was one of those days when you go to the library and find absolutely nothing on your TBR list so you just scan the shelves looking for something interesting. Thankfully I decided to give this book a chance instead of going home empty handed. It turned out to be a really great book, and I only gave it 4 stars because of two reasons:

#1– I felt like the language and writing style was more middle-aged level than it was young adult. It didn’t affect the plot too much, but I definitely felt like a little more detail at some parts would’ve been nice.

#2– It was a little too predictable. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a few twists and turns here and there (as long as they don’t involve my favorite characters dying), and this novel didn’t have many of those. I don’t want to complain too much though, because though the ending was one of those “happily ever after” endings it was still very heart-warming and it just left you with this happy feeling that left you smiling to yourself in your room like an idiot. 🙂

Related Books:

This book definitely gave off strong vibes of The Host by Marissa Meyer.

Favorite Character:

Oh, this is a hard one but I think I’m going to have to go with Scout. I might be a slight sucker for those extremely innocent and gentle guys (*cough* Prince Maxon *cough*). He also really opened my eyes when he asked Emma questions about why some humans were so judgmental and cruel. Those questions really made me stop and wonder where we are heading as a civilization. It was also so amazing to see him learn feelings along the way such as love and fun, feelings that he had never experienced before. Scout was really a very sweet and caring character.

Cover Art:

I really liked the cover of the book with the space background and all, but it was slightly misleading. It kind of seemed like Scout and Emma would get together from the cover image. It might just be me, but I was slightly disappointed when they didn’t. 😦

Favorite Quote:

“Love trumps logic every time”

Final Remarks:

A feel-good book for people of all ages, especially those sci-fi lovers out there!

Character Name Spelling: Badass Edition

So I’m pretty sure right now all of you are probably thinking to yourself, “What in the world is Character Name Spelling?”. Well, it’s a good thing I’m here to explain it to you all. 🙂

It’s exactly what the title suggests, spelling my name out with fictional characters from books. I kid you not, this is one of the most fun things to do in your spare time, especially when you have a stupid letter like i in your name (which I have 2 of D; ) and it takes forever to think of a character. *sigh*

For each character I’ll include a picture of them, their name (duh), the series/book that they are from, and a quote from them that shows how badass they are.

After reading this I highly encourage you to try this yourself and put it in the comment section. Read on!

Annabeth-Chase-976x1024A= Annabeth Chase

From the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

“She raised an eyebrow. “You got something to say to me, Seaweed Brain?”
You’d probably kick my butt.”
You know I’d kick your butt.”

daemon_black___lux_series_by_sayara_s-d6vtc6cD= Daemon Black

From the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“Dee:I can’t believe you ate all the ice cream, Daemon!
Daemon:I didn’t eat all of it.
Dee:Oh, so it ate itself? Did the spoon eat it? Oh wait, I know. The carton ate it.
Daemon:Actually, I think the freezer ate it.”

isabelle_lightwood_by_karenwan_by_karenwansiewlee-d6ub8j3I= Isabelle Lightwood

From The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

“What’s the point in wasting a perfectly good brick wall when you have someone to throw against it, that’s what I always say.”

tris-priorT= Tris Prior

From the Divergent Trilogy

“Any idiot can stand in front of a target. It doesn’t prove anything except that you’re bullying him. Which, as I recall, is a sign of cowardice.”

iggy_ftw_by_otaku_of_doom-d4sbfq9I= Iggy 

From the Maximum Ride Series

“Gazzy called over to me “I can’t see anything!”
“I can’t see anything either,” Iggy complained.
“I’m rolling my eyes, Ig.” I had to tell him that because he couldn’t see me do it, what with his blindness and all.”

Yes Done! Now it’s your turn 🙂

Spell your name out in fictional characters in the comments below.

Bookshelf Tour: Favorites Shelf Part 1


Over the years I have managed to build up a collection of all of my favorite books/series and actually have a shelf to keep them on (the top one :D). I just wanted to share some of the best books I have read with you. I’ll include a short synopsis of each book as well as a picture. Also one thing to keep in mind is that I have read some amazing books, but unfortunately I do not own them so you won’t be seeing all of my favorite books today. Expect to see reviews of some of these books in the future. Get ready for lots of scrolling down. Enjoy!

Outer Layer:



The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Genres: Adventure/Fantasy/Supernatural Fiction

All of you have probably heard of this series, but some of you might not have read it yet. If that’s the case for you then you’re seriously missing out.  In this book you will meet Clary Fray, who thinks she is a normal human living a regular life. that all changes when she meets Jace, a mysterious boy that wears only black. when she follows him he tells her what she really is, a shadowhunter. Shadowhunters protect earth from demons. Clary must help the other shadowhunters dispose of a new threat to human kind, A shadowhunter named Valentine, who just so happens to be Clary’s dad. When the time comes will Clary  be able to kill her dad even if it’s the right thing to do? This series involves lots of supernatural beings such as werewolves and vampires, and also has many action-packed scenes involving lots of blood (WOOo! :D)

redpyramidThe Kane Chronicles Series by Rick Riordan

Genres: Fantasy/Mythology

Okay lets get one thing straight before we move forward, I LOVE RICK RIORDAN! His writing style is so unique and it’s really great that he also incorporates mythology into all of his books. I know this book is not really young adult, but rather middle grade level but it’s Rick Riordan that really sparked my interest in reading. In this series follow siblings Carter and Sadie Kane who really just want to live a normal life. Sadly, that’s not what Rick Riordan has in store for them. After being reunited in the British Museum along with their father (their mother died six years ago) something strange happens. the kids watch as their father summons a being who takes their father and causes a massive explosion. They soon discover that the gods of Ancient Egypt are waking and one of them (Set) has a terrifying plan. To save their father they must embark on a journey, which slowly leads them closer to the truth about their family.

legendLegend Trilogy by Marie Lu

Genres: Science Fiction/Dystopian

This is one of the most action packed books I have ever read, and although I can’t give out any spoilers I can tell you that the ending of the last book in this trilogy left me in tears. Set in the near future where the western coast of the U.S, the Republic, is always at war with its neighbors, the colonies, this book’s protagonists are two very different people. June is born into an elite family and is a military prodigy. She is being trained to be one of the next leaders of the Republic. Meanwhile in the slums of the Republic lives a 15 years old named Day, who just so happens to be the Republics most wanted criminal. When Day is the prime suspect for the killing of Junes brother Metias, June immediately goes on the hunt for Day, but when they cross paths the two realize they have a greater enemy, the Republic itself. One of the best things in this series is to watch June and Day grow closer and closer to each other until both would risk their lives to save the other. 😀

outsidersThe Outsiders by S.E Hinton

Genres: Realistic Fiction/Dystopian

Ah, the classic coming of age story that is The Outsiders. Our school requires us to read this book during the seventh grade, but since I had read the book in 4th grade I got to read another book (woo. go me :D). The inner meaning of this book really inspired me and I loved how the author described every little detail. Those of you who have read this book probably recall the poem that S.E Hinton writes about in this book. This might be weird, but I actually memorized the poem(please tell me I’m not the only one…). Basically there are Socs and there are Greasers. Socs are generally the rich kids while Greasers don’t have that much money and usually come from rough households. After Ponyboy (yes,that’s his real name) and his friend Johnny, two Greasers, get jumped by a gang of Socs they have no other option than to kill one of the Socs. The boys are stunned by their act and decide to run away. During their journey they discover that not all things are as different as they seem.

Jerry_Spinelli_-_StargirlStargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Genres: Realistic Fiction

Not many people have heard of this book, and even when I picked it up I thought to myself, “Wow is this like a picture book for three year olds or something.” Boy was I wrong. I’m usually not eager to leave my little comfort zone of sci-fi/dystopian books, but I made a great choice when I left it for this book. This book involves a girl named Stargirl and a boy named Leo who both go to Mica High school in Arizona. When Stargirl first moves in and comes to school all the kids are stunned. She brings a burst of color and sound to the usually quiet and dull Mica High. She is unpredictable, and bubbly, but unfortunately people at the school don’t like bubbly. Follow Stargirl and Leo in this book as they try to figure out what it really means to be yourself and how to stand up for what you believe in even when no one else stands with you. This was a great book that made me less judgmental about the people I see, because everyone is unique and deserves a great friend.

The_Maze_Runner_coverThe Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

Genres: Science Fiction/Dystopian

Another book that’s been hyped up during the past year or so. This book is about a teen named Thomas who is dumped in the glade, a small living area in the center of a giant maze. He has no memory of his previous life, just like all the other teens that were dumped there before him. These teens have learnt how to support themselves, by building farms to collect food from and assigning jobs to all the youths that live in the glade. Thomas’ unique perspective on things lands him a spot as a Runner, those who explore the always-changing maze to find an escape. Thomas must convince the rest of the youths that he knows a way out, but they have no guarantee that the world outside the maze is better than life inside. One of the reasons that I and so many others enjoyed this story was that it was so unpredictable and the plot was really amazing. You never know what’s going to happen next while reading this series…

unwindUnwind Series by Neal Shusterman

Genres: Adventure/Science Fiction/Dystopian 

In the futuristic world that Neal Shusterman has created, “unwinding” a child is fully legal and not considered murder. While kids are under the age of 18, their parents can choose to unwind them, which means their body will be disassembled and their organs and limbs will be transplanted to those who need them. This disgusting thing became legal after the Heartland war, a war between pro-choice and pro-life supporters. The two sides came to an agreement that is unwinding. The main argument is that unwound children are still living, just scattered in the bodies of others. In this book follow Conner, Risa, and Lev as they try to escape being unwound, though they all are being sent to be unwound for different reasons. Conner is not a great kid. He is violent and always seems to be angry. Risa is a ward of the state, and since the state is on a tight budget they cannot afford to keep orphans like her alive. Lev is a tithe. He was born and raised to be unwound. He believes that it is his destiny and does not want to run away with Connor and Risa. I loved this book so much because you couldn’t help but realize why the government adopted this law, even though it was so wrong. I found myself trying to pick sides between pro-life and pro-choice throughout this book. Definitely a great read with lots of twists and turns.

The_Book_Thief_by_Markus_Zusak_book_coverThe Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Genres: Historical Fiction

In 1938, a young orphan named Liesel arrives at the home of her new foster parents, Hans and Rosa. At first she is very shy, but after meeting the boy next door names Rudy she opens up more. Hans spends lots of time with Liesel, mostly teaching her how to read and write. Liesel realizes how powerful books are and even snatches one from a Nazi bonfire right before it is burned. Though her new family is not the poorest, they still barely scrape by. However, things get worse when the family starts sheltering a Jew whose father once saved Hans life. Something very interesting and uniwue about this novel is that it is narrated by death, which adds a lot to the story. This book really gave me an insight into what life was like during WW2, such as the constant bombings from planes. The ending was so unexpected, but it helped me realize how scared the people that lived WW2 must have been and how terrible the Nazis really were.

Ready_Player_One_coverReady Player One by Ernest Cline

Genres: Science Fiction/Dystopian

In the year 2044, the real world is not a place that you would want to live in. Wade Watts, and almost everyone else, spends his walking hours in the OASIS, a virtual utopia that lets you be anyone you want to be, where you can live, play, and even fall in love on any of the 10,000 planets available to play on. And just like the rest of humanity Wade Watts is constantly searching for the easter egg that the creater of OASIS hid somewhere in the game before he died. All he left them was one clue. For years people have struggled to even find the first puzzle, but that all changes when Wade stumbles upon it. As he fights to be the first to complete all the puzzles he realizes just how serious some people are, and the lengths that they would go to to get that prize. But to get that prize he might have to face reality and the world he has always been so desperate to escape. Ahhh! One of my favorite books ever!!! Great for video gamers and even your average teenager. Such a great read that really puts into perspective what our world could become.

The_Selection_CoverThe Selection by Kiera Cass

Genres: Dystopian/Romance

In a world called Illea where everyone is seperated into castes, America Singer is fighting to marry Aspen, her forbidden love who is a caste below her. Thats when she gets selected. For 35 girls being selected is the opportunity of a lifetime. These 35 girls will live in the palace to compete for the heart of Prince Maxon. But for America, being selected is a nightmare. She doesn’t want to leave Aspen behind to enter a competition for a crown that she doesn’t want. That’s when America meets the prince. She realizes that those who are royalty are people too. He is so innocent and gentle that America begins to question what she really wants, and make the important decision that will change her life forever. My first thoughts when reading this book were probably that It was a futuristic version of the Bachelor. Sadly I have not read the rest of the series, but I hope to soon.

Finally done! That took way longer than I thought it would. Feel free to leave comments below of some of your favorite books and stay posted for the part 2 of this. Thanks!