5 Really Awkward Situations

Just to mix up my blog a little I’m thinking of doing a post like this weekly. If you haven’t read the first post of this “series” then you should go check it out 😉

So in these posts I’m going to make a list of 5 things in a certain category and share them with you. Enjoy 😀

Bring on the awkward…


670px-Ring-a-Doorbell-Step-4#1: That awkward moment when…

…someone else drops you off at your house (like a family friend) and they wait until you go inside, but your parents/grandparents are sleeping inside the house so you just stand there awkwardly ringing the doorbell and knocking until someone finally wakes up and opens the door, while the person is watching and waiting for you to get into your house. Just not a good experience, like at all… It’s also super awkward in the car while they’re driving you too since you don’t really know them that well, so they ask you 1 question and then there’s this really long silence until they ask you another question.

2480b2ae302ee817cd11e80627952823#2: That awkward moment when…

…you accidentally call your teacher mom. This has happened to me too many times to count. There’s two ways that this can happen and both of them are exceedingly awkward. You can either: A- straight out call your teacher mom and then awkwardly sit in your chair while all the other kids (and teacher…) laugh at you or B- almost call your teacher mom and then try to make it seem smooth so it just comes out something like, ” I need help on this problem mo-Mrs.Banana” Then again it would be really awkward to have a teacher named Mrs.Banana. Imagine if she came into the classroom full of like third graders and said, “On Friday all of you will get to meet Mr.Banana! Isn’t that so exciting!”, and one of the kids saying, “My daddy told me that only boys had those…” awkward…

mid-sneeze-love-mom#3: That awkward moment when…

…you think you’re going to sneeze, but you don’t. This always seems to make me look like a psychopath since I usually am rocking my head back and forth like some rock star, inhaling and exhaling really loudly, but hey it’s not my fault, its the stupid sneeze’s for not coming out after it has warned me of its arrival. That’s basically like RSVPing but then not showing up. Sneezes are such douches sometimes…

051863ead31e8e86670cb0b19e81e5e656a30-wm#4: That awkward moment when…

…people you don’t know come over to your house and you’re forced to socialize with them and they say things like, “I remember when you were just a little baby” or, “You’ve grown so much, do you still remember me?”. Um, the last time I checked I couldn’t even remember what I ate for breakfast today so how the heck am I supposed to remember you when the last time I saw you was like 13 years ago?

MediaHandler#5: That awkward moment when…

…people remember you’re name, but you don’t remember theirs so whenever they say, “Hi *insert name here*” you just have to awkwardly say “Hi…” back with no name at the end. *sigh* The awkwardness level is over 9000!!!!! Kind of ties in with #4 does’t it? Awe, their awkward cousins ;D

So thats all for this weeks “5 things”. Go ahead and rant in the comments about awkward situations that you have been in! Have a great day!


5 Things That Really Annoy Me

So this morning was great. I got up on time, made my bed, brushed my teeth, you know the usual. That’s when it happened. I go downstairs to eat breakfast, pour myself a bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats WOoO), and go to the fridge to pour some milk into the bowl as well. Just one problem, turns out we were out of milk. I was slightly annoyed, but hey, I had other options. I looked into the basket that we keep our fruits in and find just what I was looking for, a nice peach. I reach in to grab it, thinking to myself, “Wow, this might not be a bad morning after all…”. Boy was I wrong. I noticed right when my hand came in contact with the peach. It was mushy. So in the end I just ended up eating cereal with no milk, but that’s enough of my life story, its time to get on with this blog post inspired by this mornings events. (And also go rant in the comments about things that annoy you after reading this 🙂 )

 Bring on the annoying…
Frustration from AnimateIt.net

tumblr_n6jsfmKmqz1tvy76eo1_500#1: When you’re trying to go to sleep because you’re super tired, but it’s too hot so you sleep on top of your blanket and then it gets too cold so you go under you’re blanket and yeah, endless cycle.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that this happens to. Literally the worst thing ever. I get super tired and go to bed to get some rest and this happens. Whyyyyyyy?

How-to-Remove-Stickers-from-Glass-3#2: When you try to take the label off of something, but it wont come off or it leaves sticky stuff behind.

Okay, before you say it, I know there’s another way to take labels off other than peeling them off, but honestly who wants to do that. Why would you waste so much time soaking it in water or whatever just to get a label off. These label companies really need to stop making their labels to sticky, I mean seriously they’re stickier than those little sticky hands that we all used to play with. And on top of that you have to keep in mind the damage that trying to take these labels off does to your nails, so just very annoying altogether.

Untitled#3: The frilly things on the end of torn out notebook paper

You all know what I’m talking about. You know, when you rip out a piece of paper from your notebook and there’s that frilly  thing on the side that you tore it out. Why does it never just tear on the dashed line like its supposed to. The worst part is after you rip it out you have to rip each little frill off individually so that the side is flat. I’m so glad we don’t have school for one more month because If I saw another one of these in class I was about ready to kill someone, and by someone I mean my notebook Jeff…

600#4: Trying to find the end of a tape roll

R.I.P all the fingernails that I killed trying to do this. Guys..I think I’m… I’m a fingernail killer :0. Ok seriously though, look at the results of a study done by a university in Indiana:

A new study  by researchers at Indiana University revealed that U.S. citizens waste approximately 2 million hours annually trying to figure out where a roll of tape starts. “According to our data, thousands of hours are squandered each day by Americans running their fingers along the outside of a roll of tape until they stumble upon the frayed edge where the tape begins,” said the study’s co-author Bethany Cohen, who noted that the amount of time Americans fritter away bringing the roll of tape up close to their face and slowly tracing their fingertips around its perimeter accounts for nearly $15 billion annually in lost productivity.


tumblr_ndkuarSqky1rrmw06o1_1280#5: When Closed Captioning is not synchronized with the show/movie/whatever you’re watching

This is seriously not okay. This could happen one of two ways:

#1- The timing of the closed captioning is off so the captions come like 10 seconds after it is said in the movie


#2- When the closed captioning makes no sense whatsoever and has nothing to do with what you are watching.

I put closed captioning on to read if I can’t understand what the people are saying, but I can’t do that if the captions come 10 whole seconds before or are a jumble of random words with no connection tot what I’m watching. *sigh*

So, I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to mix it up a little so here you have it. Feel free to rant in the comments about things that really get on your nerves.